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If you’ve worn a tailored suit or sat in a chair that felt custom-made — that’s the experience we want to create for you. No two homes are exactly alike, and each has a unique story. At Susan Taylor Group, we work hard to know your home inside and out, to build a creative marketing plan that sells your home for top dollar – and to make you a raving fan in the process.
Susan Taylor Group’s commitment to our clients is to Know Our Market, because Knowledge is Power! We will design a marketing plan and Execute with Razor Sharp Skill to Set Record Results. We Provide Exceptional Service and Treat every Clients Home Like Our Own.

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Susan Taylor Real Estate Group
Susan Taylor Real Estate Group2 hours ago
This headline is a bit misleading, but it paints a good picture for what’s happening with property development and what may transpire in the coming years.
* Cost of materials like lumber and steel is driving up cost of construction. A Shortage of trained tradespeople is slowing things down.
* Toronto government is enforcing developers offer affordable housing as part of their projects, which may be good for our communities but makes for less profit for developers (rightly or wrongly)
* Despite all this, our real estate market has flourished. And with post-covid re-opening anticipated to create more demand for new homes, prices will continue to soar. #susantaylorremax #risingbuildingcosts #forthefuture #
Susan Taylor Real Estate Group
Susan Taylor Real Estate Group is in Stouffville, Ontario.23 hours ago
Stouffville, Ontario
We have buyers looking for a home that checks these boxes. Stacked town or freehold are both okay!Interested in selling? Please message us! #wanted #buyersarelooking #stouffville #stouffvilletownhomes #buyers #susantaylorremax #messageus
Susan Taylor Real Estate Group
Susan Taylor Real Estate Group4 days ago
Due to the consumer demand for home renovations, and limited supply chain, both as a result of COVID, lumber prices spiked in the last year. However, prices are down significantly from the peak in May 2021. It’s expected lumber will be back to pre-pandemic pricing in 2022. #lumberprices #didyouknow #lumber #lumberpricesspiked #covidprices #homerenovation #susantaylorremax
Susan Taylor Real Estate Group
Susan Taylor Real Estate Group5 days ago
Hammocks. Not just for backyards. A slick addition to any she-cave. A great lounger for the living room. Hammock placement is only hampered by our imaginations. Happy National Hammock day! #nationalhammockday #hammockday #hammocks #indoororoutdoor #susantaylorremax #top3thursdays
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