To The Susan Taylor Real Estate Group,
Extending your entire team a huge Thank You for all of your help in our recent home purchase and sale. If this process isn’t stressful enough, we managed to work through it during a global pandemic, and your team was there for us every step of the way. Special thanks to Susan for her patience with us as we navigated the market to find the right home that fit our tastes and checked the appropriate “want” boxes. We toured a lot of homes beginning in the fall of 2019, and never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision on something we weren’t thrilled about. Your team was always professional, prepared, and thorough in the detailed work needed to complete this process and we never questioned our decision to complete this process with you. Additionally, when we asked for references to associated professions, all of your recommendations have been equally classy and professional in what they do. This speaks volumes to your integrity and your interests in providing the best service to your clients. Without a doubt, we would do this all over again with your team and would gladly recommend you to friends and family who are seeking real estate guidance.

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