Thanks so much for helping and representing us to sell our home.

When my wife and I were contemplating to sell, we had the outmost confidence, without reservation, that Susan Taylor Real Estate Group would be the best fit for our needs.

There is an old saying that a “Happy customer is a Return customer”. This holds strong and true with us.

This is so important when making such significant investment of selling\buying a home. Furthermore, the relationship we have built and strengthened over the the last 10+ years – 3 homes later – has definitely been a fun roller coaster ride. :).

Throughout the process, you supported and understood our position, requirements and expectations. You “Taylored” 😉 your effort to ensure we were equipped with the relevant and current info for us to make such important decisions. In addition, we felt that you also educated us with the current market conditions and provided realistic expectations.

You also listened to our concerns, options, scenarios… collaborated with us in decision making and answered all our questions. Your confidence in selling our home helped put us at ease and reduce the stress considering these unprecedented pandemic times and Real Estate Market.

We are very grateful for the outcome of our quick sell.

Thanks so much for your professional service, detailed attention and support during our home selling process.

Until next time..;)