Meliza supported us in purchasing a new home and selling our current one; she is a wonderful communicator and is always prompt in responding to inquiries.

On the sell side – Meliza puts in 100% of her effort to sell the home; she has a great eye for helping us prepare the home for sale and goes beyond expectations in marketing with multiple social media videos. She’s also very timely in checking in with potential buyers for feedback to encourage dialogue with buyer agents and leads. The market turned during our listing and we were sold the home for below expectations, but Meliza negotiated with the buying agent to optimize the final sale price.

On the purchasing side – Meliza was quick to respond to inquiries regarding the property and was also able to negotiate for a purchase price. The process was slightly rushed and there was uncertainty (again, due to the market fluctuations) that we weren’t able to account for. If we were to do this again, we should have asked Meliza more questions in terms of recourse and other safeguards for purchasing a home with a limited budget in a volatile market to be better informed.

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